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Hamish's Exhibition

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

When I hear others grumble about their health I tell them about my cousin Hamish; He's bedridden,

deaf, was born with cerebral palsy, and a tetraplegic after fate crippled him with a failed spinal

operation. He's in 24hour care at Kandahar Home, Masterton.

Once he was an able painter and in October 2020, a retrospective of “ A life in Painting” was held

at King Street Art Works, Masterton, to celebrate a life of achievement. Hamish Kummer.

Photographs by Sarah Hunter.

Hamish, Rhondda (Curator)

Rhondda, Gretchen, T.H

Judith, Rowley, Hamish

T.H, Hamish


Tony, Hugo


Leslie, Judith, Diane, Stuart, Rhondda


Gretchen, Hamish

Gallery Co-ordinator (Ian), Hamish + guests


Hamish with Lou (Head Nurse)

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